K-12 Character Education

Year after year, our children coast thorough life lacking the soft-skills needed to prepare them to be the leaders of our future. We created CLAP for K12 as a way to equip learners from all over the world with character and leadership development to transform them into the global citizens we know they can be.

Character First (Grades 5-8)

Character First prioritized the foundational development of character within each learner. As each learner travels throughout this transformation, they'll learn what it takes to have integrity, make healthy decisions, and establish positive relationships with others.

Lead Next (Grades 5-8)

Once learners have a core foundation filled with character, next they'll learn how to lead. Lead Next focuses on separating learning from their peers by cultivating leadership and moral principals to navigate through any challenge.

CLAP for K12


Character First

Want to try Character First with your child and witness the transformation for yourself? Get individual access to the course today!

$39/per learner



Small Group

Ideal for small group environments:

  • Classrooms
  • Microschools
  • Homeschool co-ops
  • Smaller private settings

Big Impact

Ideal for campus leaders looking to incorporate across the school at specific grade levels.


Ideal for leaders of districts and/or larger schools wanting to incorporate amongst a large body of students.

*Package includes a tailored implementation and roll out

CLAP for K-12

Online Character & Leadership Accelerator Program


Team Learning Playbook

Character Workbook for Social & Academic Development