Meet Caleb.

Caleb Davis is the CEO/Founder of the FlUrNing Learning Group and FAVE Academy. It is his lifelong mission to reshape education by reaching and teaching as many scholars as he possibly can. Many scholars are viewing school as a burden that is taking them away from their "fun." Caleb created FlUrNing to be a merger between having FUN and learning.

Striving to cause a shift in how we view education, Caleb has provided educational services to students, families, and teachers to break the shackles that traditional learning methods have left behind. He's worked as a private tutor for 10 years and a Gifted & Talented teacher for 8 years.

In 2021, Caleb launched FlUrNing's first micro-school, FAVE Academy, to provide middle schoolers with an opportunity to experience a real-world education that prioritized entrepreneurship and character development. Currently, Caleb is working on expanding FAVE Academy and serves as an educational consultant for schools around the country.


M. Ed | Instructional Design & Technology 
      University of Houston (2020)

BS | Elementary Education 
      University of Missouri-Columbia (2014)

Current Goals

  • To expand FAVE Academy to 2 locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

  • To help 200 schools improve their school culture through our CLAP for K-12 program.